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Series 661 $1.00 Military Payment Certificate PCGS 68 PPQ Super Gem New


Series 661 $1.00 Military Payment Certificate PCGS 68 PPQ Super Gem New

Military Payment Certificates

Between September 1946 and mid 1973, there were 13 Issues of Military Payment Certificates, also known as MPC's. These Series begin with Series 461 and end with Series 692.  Military Payment Certificates were issued to our US military personnel stationed overseas.  Military Payment Certificates were used to control the black market and to kept U.S. cash from getting into the hands of the enemy. Very few Military Payment Certificates were saved, as soldiers were given just a few days notice before an old series became worthless and a new series came into effect. Thus, many of the G.I.'s who brought a few notes home as souvenirs became the first collectors of these exciting, history-making notes.

For a List of Military Payment Certivicates Click Here

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Product Data

  • Serial #: B29375795B
  • Plate #: 32
  • Series: 661
  • Pedigree: -
Availability: 1 available
Price with discount $199.00
Sales price $199.00
Sales price without tax $199.00
SKU M_74103026

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